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Bailey Keogh (USA, 1992) focuses on the ways in which technology builds upon the past in a corresponding conversation with that of art history through underlying facets of internet culture, human connection, and oppressive forces in society. Keogh sources the material for her work through ‘online interactions’ contextualizing in a multitude of forms from reference images to raw data. The work itself is often not displayed but uploaded versions. Keogh’s ultimate goal is to use art to not only highlight societal problems but as a literal tool for change. Based in Berlin since 2017, she has curated exhibitions like Haema, consulted crypto and blockchain projects, and produced work within her chosen mediums.

Exhibition History

2019 “AtTHEWRONGWhat Do We Do Now?, The Wrong Biennale, Online Exhibition

2019 “Asking for it Exhibition” AMP, London, United Kingdom

2019 “Open Beta” Studio Beta, Berlin, Germany

2019 “Haema” Gelegenheiten, Berlin, Germany 

2018 “All I Want for Christmas Is the Fall of Patriarchy” Praha, Česká Republika

2018 “Räume 2Räume, Berlin, Germany 

2018 “Soft SpacesStraße 55, Berlin, Germany 

2015 “thatsamove” Vachon Gallery, Seattle, USA

2015 “Uptown Art Walk” The Vera Project, Seattle, USA

2014 “Yours In Art” The Inn, Seattle, USA

Workshops / Worklabs

2019 Block that Chain six day worklab hosted by discussing blockchain tech from an artist’s perspective.

2019 As a part of Creamcake’s 3rd “<Interrupted = “Cyfem and Queer>” symposium, I gave a workshop entitled ‘Resistance Strategies and a Practical Introduction to Blockchain’


“Face it, Selfies are Art” Kink. Volume I November 2018. 33-34

“Yours In Art is Yours Once Again.” The Spectator. Jan 28th 2015